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Summer 2023, it is all about PEARLS....

One Pearl.

One Love.

One Humanity.

I look around me,  and around the world, and all I can see is distress...2020 was not an easy year but I see hope, I see love, I see one humanity and I see pearls.

The One Pearl necklace is the signature of this summer and our gift to ourself or to others. It symbolizes One Pearl, One Love, One Humanity .


Simple, classy, easy to attach with a small magnetic clasp and very light string.


To wear everyday or every other day. To wear everywhere or anywhere. To wear with love and humanity.

I am also very excited to show off a new line of happy-yet-funky necklaces and semi-precious stone bracelets made with the oh-so-chic Liberty London prints that are all the rage in Europe and starting to pop up around the US!

Check your favorite and order it.

Check these out! Call me or text me for more details...I ma here for you. 

With gratitude, creativity and love.

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